Juice Detox

Juice Detox

Juice DetoxA Juice detox is a method of “cleansing” various organs in the body, most often the colon or liver, by flushing toxins out through consumption of only fresh fruit and/or vegetable juices.  Also called “juice fasting,” or “juice cleansing,” these detox regimens can last from just a few days to several weeks.

Whether you want to lose weight, prepare your body for a healthier lifestyle, or stop unhealthy habits – such as fast food consumption, caffeine addiction, or overeating – a juice detox can help you achieve your nutritional goals.

Different kinds of recipes or regimens are believed to cleanse and heal specific organs or systems in the body, and are suggested to cure a wide range of ailments, including chronic pain, colon cancer, depression, antibiotic-resistant infections, and autoimmune diseases such as lupus or fibromyalgia.

Juice Detox Plans

Each juice detox diet has different juice ingredients and different methods, but most involve similar methods of preparing the juices and of remaining healthy during a juice fast.

• Most juicers buy their fruits and vegetables fresh from organic sources.
• When possible, fruits for juices are stored at room temperature, to maintain live enzymes.
• Some more intensive cleanses involve daily enemas, laxatives, or salt water flushes to expel waste and toxins (pure juice contains almost no fiber, so the bowels needs assistance).
• Some people supplement their intake with vitamins and other supplements to maintain vitamin and mineral levels.

Juice Detox Diet

Although no side effects have been specifically associated with short-term juice detox diets in general, some medical conditions such as diabetes may be aggravated by the high levels of fruit sugars in many juices. Also, grapefruit juice is known to blunt the effectiveness of some prescription medications, so juice mixes containing fresh grapefruit should be replaced with another option for those taking meds.

If you want to remove harmful toxins from your body, lose weight, and feel like a new person, a juice detox might be  a great way to jumpstart your health goals and reset your body. As you learn more about juicing and cleansing, you can try various juice cleanse recipes to find one that will work best for your own tastes and lifestyle.

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